What Does ‘Branding’ Mean?

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As a business owner or entrepreneur, you might know a name can be crucial to helping you stand out amongst your competitors. In addition, you want that name to give current and potential customers an emotional attachment to your business. This is where the term ‘branding’ comes in. Your brand encompasses a whole host of items including a logo, advertising materials, promotions, customer service interactions and more. Developing and curating your brand provides a healthy ecosystem for your business and consumers, helping you connect with them using a relatively small investment over time.

Check Out My Logo

The logo is probably your most important asset under the branding umbrella.  A logo communicates the overall “soul” of the company, and should help the customer identify your business with a single glance.  Not only this, the customer should be able to remember who you are simply by seeing that logo in the future.  You can think of your logo as being your best employee, facing your customers 24/7 to help build your overall brand.  A logo designed by shift dot will most assuredly promote your business in the most powerful, positive way to your customers.

You Caught My Eye

Branding has certain benefits that are often unable to fully quantify.  For instance, you can work diligently to build your brand while simultaneously increasing your business value.  Establishing your brand can help to increase your business’s attractiveness to potential investors.

They’re Knocking Down the Door

We seem to always hear that word-of-mouth advertising is the best advertising.  This concept is closely intertwined in your branding because it communicates a positive outlook on the company in the minds of consumers, and you’re likely to get their business due to their familiarity and presumed trustworthiness of your company.  Build your name, and they will come.  Ok, there’s obviously more to it than that…but you get the picture!

Giving Your Employees True Pride

Have you ever strongly supported a sports team?  Even if your team loses a game, a true fan empathizes with the players and takes pride/ownership in their overall success.  In much the same way, a strong brand encourages your fans (employees) to boldly promote your business.  It also gives your employees a sense of belonging which cultivates a healthier business culture.  Ultimately, an employee who sees value in your company will tend to feel more satisfied in their role, experience a more fulfilling workplace reality, and he or she will provide a positive boost to your branding initiative.

You Can Trust Me…Seriously

As a result of spending the time needed to design a professional branding plan and appearance, you will build confidence and trust amongst your customers, clients and peers.  People tend to prefer doing business with companies who present themselves in a professional manner.  A well-executed brand strategy ultimately gives your business “street cred” by making you an industry expert, and communicates a high level of trust to your customers in the name of your business, the products/services you offer, and the way you conduct business.

There’s More Than Billboards for Advertising

One last important element of branding is advertising.  There are many outlets for advertising including (but not limited to) TV, Radio, Newspaper, Online Marketing, Magazine, Direct Mail and others.  The main thing to remember is to keep your brand consistent throughout all the mediums you choose within the advertising realm.  If you’re running a promotion on the radio, make sure your website communicates this as well.  Your customers need to see conformity, and you want to ensure your business is represented equally amongst your advertising methods.

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