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What Does Responsive Web Design Mean?

June 6, 2019 Posted by Information 0 thoughts on “What Does Responsive Web Design Mean?”

Remember when you were in high school, and your best friend called you 12 times before you FINALLY answered?  You might say you weren’t responsive, eh?  Yeah, this isn’t the same…not even close!  Ok, kidding aside, responsive design is a term used to describe a user’s ability to see your website in a “scaled” way that adapts seamlessly with their browser window.… Read Entire Post

What is WordPress?

May 25, 2019 Posted by Information 0 thoughts on “What is WordPress?”

Back in the early days of creating websites in 2002, I would sit and write HTML code (learn more about HTML from this article) for hours.  Things like page navigation, image placement and text formatting took a great amount of time to complete.  … Read Entire Post

How Long Should A Website Design Take?

May 24, 2019 Posted by Information 0 thoughts on “How Long Should A Website Design Take?”

As a developer, this is probably the most common question I get. As a customer, it should be one of your most important questions to ask.

Just like any other service which is based on creative work, website design and development usually will take longer than expected.… Read Entire Post

The Difference Between HTML And CSS

May 23, 2019 Posted by Information 0 thoughts on “The Difference Between HTML And CSS”

Are you thinking about building your own website? Maybe a web design firm has engaged you to create a new site and has thrown the terms “HTML” and “CSS” around, thinking you’re an expert in the matter. After reading this article, you’ll have a better understanding of what each of these terms means, and how you might see them used in the “real world.”… Read Entire Post

Designer or Developer…or Both!

May 22, 2019 Posted by Information 0 thoughts on “Designer or Developer…or Both!”

In the early days of web design, it wouldn’t be a far stretch to say developers were almost non-existent.  Companies like GeoCities and AngelFire allowed users to build basic websites to showcase their ideas, with a majority of the actual development done by said institutions.  … Read Entire Post

What Does ‘Branding’ Mean?

May 9, 2019 Posted by Information 0 thoughts on “What Does ‘Branding’ Mean?”

As a business owner or entrepreneur, you might know a name can be crucial to helping you stand out amongst your competitors. In addition, you want that name to give current and potential customers an emotional attachment to your business. This is where the term ‘branding’ comes in.… Read Entire Post

Why invest in Search Engine Optimization?

July 31, 2018 Posted by Information 0 thoughts on “Why invest in Search Engine Optimization?”

As a web developer for 15+ years, I’ve been confronted with the need to educate my clients on the importance of SEO.  After all, if you’re going to pay for something, you better know why you’re paying someone.  There are so many aspects of improving one’s “position” in the search engines, but it really just starts there.  … Read Entire Post

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