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meghan reed of m. reed studio

shift dot Partners with M. Reed Studio

January 16, 2022 Posted by News 0 thoughts on “shift dot Partners with M. Reed Studio”

St. Louis, MO

We have proudly partnered with M. Reed Studio to greatly enhance our product offerings for all clients. Meghan Reed, the founder of M. Reed Studio, has years of experience working in marketing and branding for businesses large and small.… Read Entire Post

We’re Working On Some New Projects

April 30, 2018 Posted by News 0 thoughts on “We’re Working On Some New Projects”

It has been a super busy Spring!  We’re working on several websites for various businesses in the Brownwood area, including a fresh website for St. Johns Church and an e-commerce site for Baked Artisan Goods.  We’ll post some highlights for each project as they’re completed, so stay tuned!… Read Entire Post

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