Designer or Developer…or Both!

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In the early days of web design, it wouldn’t be a far stretch to say developers were almost non-existent.  Companies like GeoCities and AngelFire allowed users to build basic websites to showcase their ideas, with a majority of the actual development done by said institutions.  These code ecosystems provided users the ability to modify basic HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), the foundation of our world wide web.  With the advent of more powerful computers and handheld devices over the years, browser-based scripting languages like Javascript and server-based languages like PHP have become a necessity.  Developers continually improve their programming abilities through research and dedication, and web-based development languages like Javascript and PHP are updated often to ensure security protocols are adequate against impending threats.

The Designer Eye

When creating a website or advertising piece, a designer can help your visitors easily navigate around and accomplish their goals. Designers are in charge of preventing your website users from getting frustrated with usability barriers, and fostering an environment in which those same visitors are willing to return. Think of a website that was easy to navigate, use, and made you feel like it was almost fun…that’s the sign of a good designer.

The Developer Touch

In contrast to the designer, a developer is tasked with making sure the interior moving parts are working together. Developers tend to work with designers to keep things like error messages, workflows and other important processes as simple and fluid as possible. An example might be if you enter an incorrect password while trying to log in. The developer is concerned with the code needed to compare your password to the one stored in the database, and inform you it did not match. Consequently, the developer should have a method in place for you to try again and/or reset your password. On the other hand, the developer would make sure it was as simple to understand as possible on the front end.

Throw it in the Blender

When looking for a company to design your next website, it’s important to verify both designer and developer solutions are in place. You might find a great designer who can make your site look beautiful, but without the development expertise, your site may not function well for visitors. There are plenty of creative web design companies with a strong development mind, such as shift dot…just make sure you find one that best fits your needs.

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